Sunday, January 29, 2012

DJ Rush / Swingin' Da Drums


A1 Control Yourself
A2 You'll Catch On
B1 Swingin Da Drums
B2 Mood Indigo

swingin' da drums

Ron Trent / Altered States


A Altered States
B1 The Afterlife
B2 Making Love
C1 Altered States (East Side Mixx)
C2 Altered States (West Side Dose)
D1 Altered States (South Side Terrace)
D2 Altered States (Light City Mixx)

altered states

Monday, January 23, 2012

Underground Resistance / Fury


A Fury
B Cyclone


X-103 / Tephra EP


A1 Tephra
A2 Tephra (Under)
B1 Hagia Triada
B2 Seduction Of Europa (Foreplay)

tephra ep

X-103 / Thera EP


A1 The Gardens
A2 Magma
B1 Curse Of The Gods
B2 Thera
B3 Eruption

thera ep

X-103 / Atlantis


01 Introduction
02 Atlantis (The Entrance)
03 Interlude A
04 The Gardens
05 Acropolis
06 Hagia Triada
07 Seduction Of Europa
08 Temple Of Poseidon
09 Minnia (The Queen’s Theme)
10 Eruption
11 Interlude B
12 Tephra
13 10000 Chariots
14 Curse Of Gods
15 Thera
16 Magma (Technology)


X-102 / Discovers The Rings Of Saturn


01 Intro
02 Phoebe
03 Titan
04 Rhea
05 C-ring
06 Tethys
07 Hyperion
08 Dione
09 B-ring
10 Enceladus
11 Mimas
12 Iapetus
13 A-ring
14 Groundzero (The Planet)

discovers the rings of saturn

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Thursday, January 19, 2012

I am here again with the sole aim of offering them the best of underground music, especially techno.