Sunday, March 18, 2012

Lunatic House Sounds / Collectors E.P.


A1 The Day (D.J.L.B. Efficient Mix)
A2 The Worse (Remix 1)
B1 Outbreak (Canned Mix)
B2 Tell The True (Remix 2)

collectors e.p.

Lunatic House Sounds / Hallucinogen


A Hallucinogen (Original Extended Mix)
B1 Hallucinogen (Psycho Mix)
B2 Hallucinogen (Hallucination Mix)


Saturday, March 17, 2012

Format / #2


A1 Damn Right
A2 Reckless
AA1 Dance
AA2 Soundclash


Format / #1


A1 Deep Sleep
A2 Solid Session
AA1 Destination
AA2 Ya Can't Stop Me


Various / Cybermix (Megamixed By The Nighttripper)


The CyberMix (10:36)
A01 Maximum Peak – Overload
A02 Mindscape – Me & Him
A03 Ghetto Brothers – Bass Manoeuvres
A04 R, The – Rave The Planet
A05 Warp Factor 3 – Rhythm Will Make You Move
A06 Energy Storm – Energy Flow
A07 Nighttripper, The – Phuture
A08 Beyond – Bang!
A09 Nighttripper, The – Tone Exploitation
A10 Nico – Raw

The Hyperspace Megamix (11:03)
AA01 Energy Storm – Nitro-San-D
AA02 Ghetto Brothers – Aragance
AA03 Format – Deep Sleep
AA04 Cosmic Baby – Cosmikk Trigger 2
AA05 Nighttripper, The – Megatone
AA06 Paradise 3001 – Normizon
AA07 Nico – Field Of Vision
AA08 Beyond – Opus 2
AA09 Energy Storm – Love Energy
AA10 Format – Solid Session
AA11 Paradise 3001 – Tribatol
AA12 Brersoul – Surrender
AA13 Format – Dance
AA14 Time Warp – The Owls Are Not What They Seem

cybermix (megamixed by the nighttripper)

Maximum Peak / The Force


A The Force
AA Slammin'

the force

Beyond / Bang


A1 Opus 1
A2 Bang!
AA1 Sky's The Limit
AA2 Opus


Sunday, March 11, 2012

Carl Craig Presents Paperclip People / The Climax


A The Climax (Dobre And Jamez Remix)
B1 The Climax (Orlando Voorn Remix)
B2 The Climax (Dobre And Jamez Dub)

the climax

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Suburban Knight vs. Locutus / Oblivion


A1 Suburban Knight - Dark Quest (Unfinished Journey)
A2 Suburban Knight - Dark Quest (Unfinished Journey) (Locutus Remix)
B1 Locutus - I Come From Nowhere
B2 Locutus - I Come From Nowhere (Suburban Knight Remix)


Surburban Knight / The Art Of Stalking


A The Art Of Stalking (Stalker Mix)
B The World's

the art of stalking

Sunday, March 04, 2012

Acid Junkies / Paranoid Experience


A1 Theme From The Acid Junkies
A2 Trainspotter Alert
B1 Acid Engine
B2 Prepared ?
C1 Cocaino
C2 Acid Love Making
C3 Stop-And-Go
D 303 Vs. 101 (Battle At High Speed On The Intergalactic Highway)

paranoid experience

Saturday, March 03, 2012

The Black Dog / VIR²L Remix


X1 Virtual (WDMA Moonbeat Mix)
Y1 Virtual (Hmmm....)
Y2 Virtual (Pages 5)
Y3 Virtual (Gods In Space)

vir²l remix